We provide fully inclusive outdoor gyms for all.

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Our range encompasses over 40 products, each carefully designed to meet a wide range of requirements.  With our broad range of gym equipment, we can create outdoor gyms and trim trails. Our outdoor gym equipment is well designed, innovative and a huge amount of fun to use.

Haffey Playgrounds are delighted to present this NEW RANGE of outdoor fitness equipment –URBANIX Beatline & Recharge!  Urbanix is a new range of outdoor fitness equipment, which directly mirrors actual indoor gym machines in the outdoors, in a modern looking, safe and controlled manner.

For anyone who regularly uses a gym, the names of the URBANIX range will be instantly recognisable: bench press, shoulder press, lat pull down, ab bench etc..

For those new to fitness, or returning after a long break, each machine also includes a single, simple pictorial sign with clear and concise instructions for proper and safe use.

The Urbanix range provides a full strength, power, endurance and flexibility FULL BODY workout outdoors, without the use of free weights.

Urbanix is the only range of outdoor fitness equipment on the market to feature angular resistance which lets users set the intensity of their own individual workout to their own individual fitness levels and fitness goals.

Users can target all of the major muscle groups (chest, back, shoulders, arms, abdominals, core, legs) for a full body workout. Designed and installed for users of all abilities aged 14-80+

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Haffey Playgrounds

BEAT Outdoor Fitness Areas

With the largest range of outdoor gym equipment in the UK & Ireland, and ranges designed specifically for children, seniors, disabled persons and those with special educational needs, we provide fully inclusive outdoor gyms for all. Safe, durable and easy to use, Our providers have already installed more than 1500 outdoor gyms across the UK & Ireland.

UBX Recharge Outdoor Gym

Our new Recharge range offers fitness benefits and the ability to charge any USB device from your own energy.

As you workout you will be creating electrical energy to support your tech on the move.

From product design, through manufacture to installation, we undertake projects of all sizes.

From Primary schools to pensioners, we can provide a range of outdoor gym products that meet the specific needs of both children and adults. We are passionate about the health benefits our gyms bring to communities.


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No job is too large or too small! we are happy to advise you and provide a solution, no matter what challenge you’re facing. What’s more, all equipment is built to last. Robust and durable, our gyms come with extensive warranties, offering a great investment that will stand the test of time.

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