EOTAS Kinnego Center Outdoor Gym

Client: Northern Ireland Education Authority

Completion Date: May 2020.

Location: Moy CO. Armagh

Value Circa : £15,000

Comment: Recently installed our second Big Rig Outdoor Gym Unit in Northern Ireland, which boasts a capacity of 15+ users. It provides challenge for beginners to advanced gym goers. This ingenious rig provides 7 fixed stations with multiple overhead elements providing a versatile full body workout. Installed in strict compliance with EN 16630: 2015 – Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment safety requirements. Big Rig designed to cater for the main areas of training, strength, flexibility & Balance, Cardio and Resistance. Our Big Rig was selected with user profiles and available space in mind, to deliver the maximum training experience. Safe and easy to use, resistance is provided by the user’s own body weight, our Big Rig Gym is designed to meet the needs of all abilities, from the complete beginner to advanced users. We understand it is our clients intention for users to incorporate use of our equipment into their regular break periods or at scheduled times.

Installation onto Grass Surface as a result of an updated design reducing the recommended Free Fall Height (with a *HIC rating of less than 1.5m).

*H.I.C. – Head Impact Criterion measure as set out in EN1177.

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