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Haffey Playgrounds

Haffey Playgrounds provide a selection of safe surfacing to cater for all requirements. For all locations and environments, we have a safety surface to suit your needs. From rubber poured in place wetpour to loose-fill rubber chippings, sand or bark. All surfacing we provide have been independently tested to offer all our customers complete peace of mind.

Wetpour Safety Surfacing

Haffey Play wet-pour rubber safety surfacing is our highly popular playground surfacing system which has been installed in public parks, schools, hospitals, childcare facilities and community centres across Ireland

Games such as hopscotch, or themes such as space, marine / sea, castles, animals & nature and many more can be used to enhance the playground and make it a more fun and magical place to play.

 Please contact us for full product specification details.

Haffey Playgrounds

Haffey Playgrounds use the best quality materials from leading suppliers, to guarantee our wet-pour is fully tested and certified to meet current playground safety standards. It is a low-maintenance and vandal-resistant surface, offering long-term durability and peace of mind for your playground.

Haffey Playgrounds

The surface is available in a wide range of thicknesses and colours to meet any budget or specification requirement. Permanent graphics and features can be laid in the surface, making the ground offer extra play value in the playground.

Haffey Playgrounds Grass Matting

Grass mat safety surfacing is a fantastic low-budget option for surfacing in the playground.

Haffey Playtgrounds

Grass mats are installed by scraping away the topsoil and laying them flat on the exposed subsoil. They are held in place with a system of pegs. Grass seed is then spread onto the mats and the grass is allowed to grow up through the rubber mesh.

Haffey Playgrounds

This not only means that the grass mats fit beautifully into a natural play environment, but they are also a much less expensive surfacing option than traditional rubber surfaces with their expensive sub-base construction and installation.

Haffey Playgrounds Synthetic Grass Surfacing

Artificial Grass surfacing is quickly becoming a popular choice for playgrounds, as technology improves the quality of available yarns is allowing us to deliver a variety of synthetic grass surfaces to suit a wide range of site conditions and budgets.

Synthetic Grass surfacing in particular fits well into a natural play environment, as well as offering children a different sensory experience than with a rubberised surface.

Haffey Playgrounds

Fall Protection Shock Pad

We can also provide fall protection shock pad underneath our grass in situations where there is a requirement for a free fall height up to three metres to be achieved to comply with EN1176 safety recommendations. We can provide a variety of depths to suit differing fall height requirements all of which carries an independent test certificate.

Haffey Playgrounds

Ecosafe® resin bonded rubber mulch

Ecosafe® is resin bonded rubber mulch; combined with a binder; mixed on site and leveled out onto a ground-stablisation layer, reducing the need for expensive ground preparation.

Safer surface in children’s play spaces (Schools, Nurseries, Private Daycare & Private / Domestic Gardens under play structures. Which offers an all year round solution to inclement weather effects on traditional grass / bark surfaces

Ecosafe® with its single layer application and same day curing provides a more attractive and cheaper option than some ‘traditional’ synthetic surface options.



Haffey Playgrounds

SoftBond ® or SoftBond ®+ rubber shred that is mixed with V011 binder on site form the basis of the SoftBond® Systems. It creates a composite surface; providing a natural looking lower cost option than some synthetic and rubber surface options.

Ecosafe® reduces the amount of waste vehicle tyres going into land fill sites and recycles them as a shredded material that is then coloured. Available colours are: Brown, Red, Green, Black, Blue and Grey. Blended combinations of colours are also available.

Haffey Playgrounds

A variety of Landscape applications in Parks , Schools and Domestic environments; for activity trails, fitness equipment, playgrounds, paths, picnic and leisure areas.

Fully tested for play in accordance with EN1177:2008 (on to concrete), to varying thicknesses.

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