Rope Play

We are pleased to introduce all our customers into a world of interconnected cables where children can create their own path through webbed nets and standalone components. 

Im the King of the swingers, a jungle VIP.

Haffey Playgrounds

Our Rope Play Nets are as functional as they are fun. Our climbers will have kids inventing limitless imaginative games and play-scapes as they scramble up and across, in and around.

Their challenging, interwoven shapes not only promote upper-body strength, balance and eye-hand coordination, they encourage an understanding of geometry and spatial perception.

Quirky net trails can be connected to any standard ‘Core’ unit to design a bespoke combination or alternatively each play element can be installed as a stand-alone feature.

But what make these nets especially clever is their above-ground tensioning systems in anti-tamper ball connectors. Now you can maintain net tension without the need to disassemble. Our customers like the convenience, and kids will enjoy the uninterrupted fun.

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