Our Steel range is a robust, colourful, safe range of structures and components which is perfectly scaled to suit our all age groups. 

Let children’s imaginations to run free.

Witch Series

As with all our ranges we offer a huge variety of add-on material choices, styles and combinations to suit all requirements. In terms of design we can offer a traditional or modern feel, we also offer a variety of colour options to suit individual play space requirements and site locations with metal pre-treatments from enriched primer to galvanised options.

Our themed units incorporate boats, tractors and fire engines which transports kids into a world of role-play whether its a seafaring captain, or opens up the world of aviation with airplanes and rockets. The middle ages are conjured up with castles, weirs and towers. Every piece of play equipment in the range provides a perfect backdrop for children’s imaginations to run free. 

Our Senior Play range presents many more physical and mental challenges than traditional play. We offer the challenge to continuously balance and counterbalance against the forces of gravity, engaging their upper bodies and core muscles as they navigate in every possible direction. Climb up, twist through, bounce across, swing down – kids will find plenty of ways to explore our variety of rope play elements.  We aim for children to learn about cause and effect, build problem solving skills and develop spatial awareness.

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